Grape Varieties

The wealth of grape varieties grown here is one of the factors that contributes to the vivid expression and character of our wines. They can be carefully blended, which results in complex and very distinctive nectars, or they can be used alone to craft a single-grape variety wine, allowing for the true expression and also the subtle notes of the grape type.

Arinto (Pedernã) Arinto often displays green pear and bright citrus fruit aromas with vibrant acidity on the palate. The grape is also listed as Pedernã on some wine labels.
Alvarinho The Alvarinho grape is known for its perfumed floral qualities and peach or apricot highlights along with sweet citrus notes that resemble Viognier. Its vibrant acidity and minerality are similar to those of Riesling.
Loureiro An old grape variety native to the region, Loureiro is well-known for its pronounced floral and peach aromas and rich palate.
Trajadura Known for its delicacy and also for its rich apple, pear and ripe peach fruitiness, this grape adds richness, texture and body to vinho verde whites.
Avesso This grape variety is known for its aromas and flavors including those of orange, peach, almond as well as white flowers, with a hint of minerality.
Vinhão Vinhão is a high quality red grape grown throughout the Minho region. It ripens well and adds pronounced black and red fruit notes and provides a hearty structure to wines.
Padeiro Padeiro is planted primarily in the sub-region of Basto but can also be found in the local regions of Ave and Cávado as well, making for wines with intense ruby red color of red pomegranate, with delicious and harmonious scents and flavors.
Espadeiro Fully-ripe Espadeiro grapes at their best are noted for aromas and flavors of young red fruits, red flowers and herbal notes. Espadeiro is also often used for rose wines.
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