16 junho 2015

Afectus from Quinta de Curvos


"This farm holds more than four centuries of history, going back to the 1600s. Many fables and stories tell of its birth, many of which told by its own surroundings - from the old palace to the caves, including the lake, gardens and vineyards. It amounts up to about 40 acres in total. The walls around the farm refreshed its soul in 1976, when it was acquired by the current owners. To the day, it remains a 100% family business, and is already in the second generation, ensuring the project's continuity.


The vineyards are already following fair trade guidelines, and spread out over 66 acres across four pieces of land in Forjães, Ponte de Lima and Barcelos. The Atlantic and the granite-rich grounds brand the wine's profile. We were able to confirm this when tasting three samples of the Afectus range.(...)"


Read the complete article at Blend - All About Wine 

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