04 julho 2018

Quinta de Curvos with first semester full of prizes


The first semester of Quinta de Curvos is filled with distinctions, both national and international, thus proving an increase in the quality of the production of Curvos wines (vinhos verdes), which are increasingly being affirmed in the export markets with their excellent products.
Curvos Alvarinho 2017, Curvos Superior 2017, Curvos Avesso 2017, Curvos Loureiro 2017, Curvos Rosé 2017, Curvos Avesso Reserva 2015, Curvos Colheita Selecionada 2017 e Afectus Loureiro 2017 are the eight wines (vinhos verdes) that have been awarded with prizes since the beginning of 2018.
The six wine competitions that awarded Quinta de Curvos awards, only two are Portuguese - the Concurso da Região dos Vinhos Verdes and the Concurso Vinhos de Portugal, promoted by ViniPortugal - the remaining four are international, contributing to increase worldwide recognition of the brand. Some of these competitions, such as the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), the International Wine Challenge (IWC) and the German Mundus Vini, are among the most prestigious internationally. The International Wine and Spirit Competition Awards (IWSC) makes the total of six and is another of the competitions that honored the vinhos verdes Curvos. This is the reward for true excellence in the wine sector and the Quinta de Curvos brand, specifically.
Of the almost three dozen prizes awarded, the two that came through the 15th edition of the Decanter, considered the biggest contest, stands out. A Bronze medal (87 points) distinguished Curvos Alvarinho 2017 and Gold medal (95 points) went to Curvos Avesso 2017. This year there were around 17 thousand wines in this competition, coming from more than 47 countries and evaluated by 275 jurors of around the world.

Curvos Alvarinho 2017

• IWC - Commended 
• Decanter (DWWA) - Bronze - 87 points
• Concurso de Vinhos de Portugal - Silver

Curvos Superior 2017

• IWC - Bronze - 87 points

Curvos Avesso 2017

• IWC - Bronze - 85 points
• IWSC - Bronze
• Decanter - Gold - 95 points
• Concurso de Vinhos de Portugal - Silver

Curvos Loureiro 2017

• Mundus Vini - Silver
• IWSC - Silver
• Concurso de Vinhos de Portugal - Silver

Curvos Rosé 2017

• IWC - Bronze - 86 points

Curvos Avesso Reserva 2015

• Mundus Vini - Silver

Curvos Colheita Selecionada 2017

• IWC - Commended

Afectus Loureiro 2017

• IWC - Bronze

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